Adult Celebration Series
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Quarterly Pieces Available: Teacher's Manual, Student Handbook,
Student Handbook (large print), The Vision (take-home papers),
Transparency Packet, Lesson Leaves (not shown)

Yearly Pieces Available: Hardbound, Hardbound on USB, PowerPoint Presentations


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Summer 2013
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Lessons from
Old Testament Prophets

spacerHosea—Unconditional Love
spacerAmos—the Lion’s Roar
spacerObadiah—Restoration and Revival
spacerJonah—Reluctant Obedience

spacerMicah—A Remnant Gathered, Restored, and Forgiven
spacerNahum—God Hates Sin
spacerHabakkuk—Trembling, Yet Trusting

spacerHaggai—Replacing the Curse with a Blessing
spacerZechariah—Christ’s First Coming
spacerZechariah—Christ’s Second Coming and Reign
spacerMalachi—Honoring God



Principles of Prophecy: A Study of Our Future Hope

spacerPrinciples of Prophecy
spacerFinding Fulfillment
spacerTelling Time
spacerThe Ultimate Fulfillment
spacerNow and Not Yet

spacerAlways Watching
spacerThe Back of the Book
spacerSigns, Symbols, and Solutions
spacerJustice, Judgment, and Eternal Rewards

spacerRediscovery of Prophetic Truth
spacerHere Comes the Bride
spacerRefusing to Dilute the Doctrine
spacerPerilous Times

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Adult Teacher's Manual — Paperback

The paperback teacher's manual is the same in content as each quarter included in the hardbound edition. It contains a wealth of information that will greatly assist the teacher.

Adult Teacher's Manual — Hardbound/USB

This yearly volume contains fall through summer quarters, all in one attractive binding. It presents valuable material and research that will enhance the teacher's personal studies. The text files and PDF files are available on a USB drive. The files are accessed through Adobe Acrobat, are fully searchable, and have cut-and-paste capabilities. The USB drive will work with Mac/Windows XP/Vista. The USB drive can be purchased separately or in combination with the hardbound at a reduced rate.

Adult Transparency Packet

The transparency packet is designed for use with the Adult Teacher's Manual. It contains a number of professionally designed transparencies that will enable the student to readily grasp the material being taught.

Adult Student Handbook

Designed to be used by the student, the Adult Student Handbook will help prepare the students' hearts for biblical concepts applicable to practical Christian living. Each student will benefit by having his own personal handbook.

Adult Student Handbook — Large-Print Edition

For those students who are visually impaired, or just need a little larger print, a large-print edition of the Adult Student Handbook is available. It is designed to correlate with the teacher's manual and has 20% larger type than the regular edition.

Adult Lesson Leaves

One set of lesson leaves supplies five people for one quarter. The lesson leaves contain the Scripture setting, focus verse, and the focus thought. This will enable the students to follow along during Scripture reading.

Adult Take-home Paper

The Vision, the four-page Adult Take-home Paper, is designed to add weekly impact to the Sunday school session.

Adult PowerPoint Presentation

Contains a professionally-produced PowerPoint® presentation for each Word Aflame® adult lesson. The presentations may include artwork, music clips, Scripture passages, and other creative helps for presenting the lessons.


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